[OSM-dev] TileUsagePolicy 'Heavy users' ?

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sun Mar 20 19:54:58 GMT 2011


Matthias Meißer wrote:
> somebody asked me what heavy user is about. I guess we all would agree 
> that NY Times would be a heavy user, but is there some number say, ~100 
> concurrent endusers for a webpage that embedds OSM?

No, there is *deliberately* no number, because if we say that X 
concurrent users is heavy, then someone will run (X-1) concurrent users 
and claim he's abiding by the rules.

I think you can turn it around and say: If your traffic is not 
noticeable then you are not a heavy user. Look at the munin graphs and 
make a guess what "noticeable" means ;)


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