[OSM-dev] osm2psql: minor hstore rework

Sven Geggus lists at fuchsschwanzdomain.de
Thu Mar 24 15:39:02 GMT 2011


i just commited a small change to the hstore functionality in osm2pqgsl.

Until now any tag has been added to the hstore column regardless if this key
had an exclusive column or not. This has been changed now.

For people who really need all tags in the hstore column an additional
commandline switch has been added to restore the original behaviour (do
these people exist?).

While doing this I also noticed that the special tag "z_order" has been
added to the hstore column by mistake. It is now hardcoded to ignore
"z_order" when adding tags to the hstore column.

The rework should not change anything for people who exclusively use a
hstore column (no other tag columns). Peter Körners hstore stuff should also
be unaffected.



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