[OSM-dev] Paging the tile server admins

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Thu May 5 19:44:19 BST 2011


NopMap wrote:
> I tried Locus on my phone and traced the accesses in the server log. I
> positively is the culprit.
> Needless to say that the program contains no proper attribution and no
> license hint whatsoever. :-(

 From reading their forums, I get the impression that they had initially 
hard-coded a number of tile providers, and then dropped these in favour 
of a "user configurable" tile URL in order to avoid trouble with Google 
et al.

Leaving morality aside for a moment, I wonder what the attribution 
requirement actually is in that situation. Say you make an Android app 
that has no built-in tile sources but if you enter an URL in some text 
box it will try to load tiles from there.

Does CC-BY-SA require that the application programmer somehow cleverly 
finds out that the user has entered the OSM tile server, that this tile 
server serves CC-BY-SA tiles, and that the attribution is so-and-so? 
Probably not, which means that as long as you don't explicitly support 
OSM you don't need attribution, right?


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