[OSM-dev] which tool is better for osm data import to postgres

Mayeul Kauffmann mayeul.kauffmann at free.fr
Fri May 6 22:40:41 BST 2011


I developed osm2postgresql, so I can speak for this.
It is  based on osmosis, uses hstore storage, and does a lot of
postprocessing (filtering buggy polygons, putting holes and multipart
together based on geographical and tag criteria, generates meta-classes,
If you want to do advanced queries, optimise them (e.g. index the
hstore...) you will find quite many sql examples in the source code
Do not hesitate to ask questions or make suggestions on this tool, in
this list or here:
(use the Help forum; or the "Open discussion" forum if you have a
sourceforge login).

Hope this helps.

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