[OSM-dev] [osmosis-dev] [patch] Merge command an resulting bounding box?

Igor Podolskiy igor.podolskiy at vwi-stuttgart.de
Mon May 9 11:35:51 BST 2011

Hi Dominik, hi all,

> So, basically, I tested your patch sucessfully for the case:
>> 2. If both sources have a bound, then a bound corresponding to the
>> unions of bounds 0 and 1 is emitted to the merged stream.
cool, thanks for the response, nice to know it worked out for you.

>> In case 3b - when a bound is "removed" -, there are three
possibilities controlled by the new boundRemovedAction keyword argument:
>> * ignore: don't do anything and continue
>> * warn: emit a warning to the log but continue (default)
>> * fail: stop processing altogether
> Thinking twice about this, I would perhaps consolidate that to
> default failure (with detailed explanations in the log how to
> overcome this problem, i.e. how to specify the following keyword
> argument) plus  a keyword argument "ignoreBounds" which would allow
> continuing (equivalent to your "* ignore" case). This would ensure
> that the user looks at the issue and ensures correct functioning or
> fixing the input maps. - just my suggestion. Maybe case 1 should be
> covered by this behavior, too - not sure.
Well... I'm not so sure about that. The thing is, many people don't 
really care about the <bound> being preserved - well, I didn't care, for 
example, till you reported the bug. And if the patch with the default 
behavior of "fail" makes it into a new version of Osmosis, it will 
suddenly break a lot of pipelines which have been working fine. So I'd 
let it at a default "warn" for backward compatibility reasons if for 
nothing else.

> In any case, thanks a lot for your great work - the whole thing
> works  nicely for me now.
You're welcome :)

Best regards

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