[OSM-dev] osm2pgsql for 64-bit IDs

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Tue May 24 12:23:34 BST 2011


On 05/24/11 12:04, Igor Brejc wrote:
> Yes, but is it really? It's a storage format, you need a 3rd party
> driver to read it

Same for anything that uses protocol buffers, or for shapefiles, isn't it?

> and it's optimized for querying, not for storing high
> volume of data in an efficient manner. And it's a database without a
> standard schema.

I think that's right (apart fro the "optimized for querying" part 
perhaps because I think it is very much in the hands of whoever creates 
the spatiallite file whether it is good for querying or not).

> I see spatialite as a good way for thick clients to store geo data
> without the need for an extra DB installation, but not as a good way to
> exchange data files (as opposed to osm.pbf, for example).

Maybe I misunderstood. I thought that you had said "oh, shapefiles don't 
do 64 bit IDs, maybe we should write a replacement for shapefiles then", 
and I pointed out that such replacements IMHO already exist; I didn't 
claim that they were a good OSM data transport format, and there's no 
reason to invent a new OSM data transport format either IMHO.


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