[OSM-dev] Mapnik fails to render tile (bug in mapnik?)

Manuel Reimer manuel.spam at nurfuerspam.de
Thu May 26 07:11:49 BST 2011

Frederik Ramm <frederik <at> remote.org> writes:
> claims a "role mismatch" - you have tagged that patch to be an "inner" 
> area of the multipolygon in question but in fact it lies outside.

Correct... I picked the wrong area as "outer". Took some time until I got
access to a PC with a map editor installed, but now this multipolygon is

Unfortunately I now have a second problem...

I expect this area to be "landuse=residential" and so rendered in gray:

Some parts are still in that gray, but if I force those tiles to be rendered,
the "landuse=residential" is not longer part of rendering and I get white

Could someone please help here?... :´-(



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