[OSM-dev] (Inofficial) PBF-File-Definition for History-Files

Peter Körner osm-lists at mazdermind.de
Mon May 30 10:32:46 BST 2011

Dear developers,

As a follow-up to the discussion on history-pbf-files I extended the 
format specification: 

I also implemented the reader and writer for the osmium framework:

There are now four outputs: XML, PBF, HistoryXML and HistoryPBF. When 
you use the normal PBF output class, the files are fully compatible to 
those generated by osmosis and don't require any extra space.

The two readers (XML and PBF) both support the visible-flag silently. If 
you don't want the visible-information, just ignore it on the 
application side.

I've sent pull-requests to Jochen Topf and Scott Crosby and I hope 
they'll approve the changes and pull them into their respective master 


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