[OSM-dev] osm2pgsql output possible to work with Java XAPI?

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Mon May 30 16:27:01 BST 2011


On 05/30/11 17:19, Peter Körner wrote:
>> If your options are (a) run both a pgsnapshot and slim-mode osm2pgsql
>> database on the same machine and keep them both up to date
>> independently, or (b) "trick" osm2pgsql into generating something that
>> is compatible enough with pgsnapshot so that you can run an xapi-like
>> query service, then my guess is that (b) will consume less resources
>> overall.
> Wouldn't it be more logical to trick the rendering system to use the
> pgsnapshot tables?

I think that all depends on what you want to do with your system. A 
rendering system that uses pgsnapshot tables will almost certainly be 
slower than one that uses the osm2pgsql schema, and likely unsuitable 
for live rendering; but if you only need it for batch processing then 
that's certainly an option.

It could be possible to set up a database so that the osm2pgsql-style 
rendering tables are generated automatically from pgsnapshot tables, and 
updated whenever pgsnapshot tables are updated; that might give you the 
best of both worlds but I'm wary of too much trigger magic.

Another possibility would be modifying the JXAPI code to work on 
osm2pgsql-style slim mode tables, with the limitations that entails. 
Thing is that the slim mode tables don't normally have geo indexes which 
would have to change then.


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