[OSM-dev] Overpass API: new big server, IPv6

Roland Olbricht roland.olbricht at gmx.de
Mon Nov 21 21:05:56 GMT 2011

Hello everybody,

there are two new amazing news around Overpass API:

I'm happy to announce a much more powerful (8-core, 64 GB RAM) machine, hosted 
voluntarily by Rambler. It offers the full interface of currently Overpass API 
0.6.94, including meta data. Please have a try at
More information is on the wiki

Second, the server at overpass-api.de now supports IPv6. Because I'm a 
complete newbie on IPv6 and I don't have IPv6 on my personal internet access, 
I've set up a second address
pointing to the same server overpass-api.de/query_form.html .
If it doesn't work, please contact me at my personal mail address.

Happy access,


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