[OSM-dev] changeset upload timeouts

Thomas Emge temge at esri.com
Thu Oct 6 21:22:26 BST 2011


I have implemented changeset upload functionality into our editor and it mostly works just fine. I am now testing the edge cases when users would upload "larger" changesets and I am running maybe into some timeout issues that I not quite sure how to handle.

For development purposes I am currently using the dev server at http://api06.dev.openstreetmap.org and hitting the /api/0.6/changeset/<id>/upload endpoint.
Uploading changesets containing about 50 elements takes about 4 seconds and 500 elements take about 30 seconds. In attempting to upload about 5000 elements I don't get an answer within an hour and the server automatically closing the changeset (due to idle time against the API).

I am well beyond the server advertised timeout of 300 seconds with waiting for my upload post of 5000 features to complete, and the server is already closing the changeset.

Is that the expected behavior or asked differently, what is the recommended strategy for uploading larger changesets to the server?

- Thomas

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