[OSM-dev] Tiled osm2pgsql import?

Nick Whitelegg Nick.Whitelegg at solent.ac.uk
Sun Oct 9 15:00:09 BST 2011

Related to the ongoing discussion on talk, and given the large memory requirements of osm2pgsql imports, has anyone published a "tiled" import script, where the import area is broken into say degree tiles, and each tile imported as a separate osm2pgsql job? If not, I'm inclined to do one myself as I'm now having difficulties even importing UK rights of way into a postgis database (slim mode will fix it for now, but maybe not for ever)

One issue which would need to be addressed (very easily I suspect) would be to tweak the osm2pgsql code to flag import of duplicate osm_id ways as merely a warning (and continue to refuse to add the same way twice, but carry on processing the data), rather than abort as an error.

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