[OSM-dev] keeping thematic planet extract up to date

Martijn van Exel m at rtijn.org
Tue Oct 18 17:03:13 BST 2011

Hi all,

I'm trying to keep an thematic planet extract PostGIS database up to date
using osmosis. The cron job I run is:

exec &> /home/mvexel/osm/replicate-gnis/log.txt
if ps -ef | grep -v grep | grep osmosis ; then
    exit 0
    if [ -s /home/mvexel/osm/replicate-gnis/us-gnis-new.pbf ];
        mv /home/mvexel/osm/replicate-gnis/us-gnis-new.pbf
    /home/mvexel/osm/osmosis-0.39/bin/osmosis --rri
workingDirectory=/home/mvexel/osm/replicate-gnis/ --simc --rb
/home/mvexel/osm/replicate-gnis/us-gnis.pbf --ac  --tf accept-nodes
gnis:id=* --tf accept-ways gnis:id=* --tf reject-relations --wb
    /home/mvexel/osm/osmosis-0.39/bin/osmosis --rb
/home/mvexel/osm/replicate-gnis/us-gnis-new.pbf --rb
/home/mvexel/osm/replicate-gnis/us-gnis.pbf --dc --wpc database=osm_gnis
user=osm password=osm

this seems to run OK, but invariably, after leting this run for a few hours
with a 5 minute interval (to catch up, my initial extract is a couple of
months old) the database table only holds a small number (less than 20)
nodes. What is going wrong here?

martijn van exel
geospatial omnivore
1109 1st ave #2
salt lake city, ut 84103
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