[OSM-dev] Error in overpass api

Gubler, Ruediger rgubler at init-ka.de
Fri Oct 21 12:27:37 BST 2011


i've found an error in the result of overpass queries. E.g. 

<relation id="1645727" version="2" timestamp="2011-07-05T19:58:33Z" changeset="8642384" uid="244422" user="Sonny76">
    <member type="way" ref="119868575" role="<different>"/>

the role value contains  '<' and '>' which must be '&lt' and '&gt' 

In the database check done with josm against api.openstreetmap.org there are '&lt' and 'gt' in the value. 

Is this list the right place for reporting this behavior?

Yours Rüdiger

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