[OSM-dev] Release of osmpbf version 1.2.1

Scott Crosby scott at sacrosby.com
Sun Oct 30 19:20:14 GMT 2011

The changes to this version are pulling Jochen Topf's branch from
github (vesion 1.1.1j2).

* Debian packaging
* Switched to the lite (non-introspective) version of protocol buffers
  for a smaller library.
* Includes support for "visible" flag on OSM objects. This allows PBF to
  handle OSM history files.
* Namespace and include conventions changes for the C++ library. Everything
  is in the OSMPBF namespace. You now do:
 #include <osmpbf/osmpbf.h>
* Added stuff needed to build Debian/Ubuntu libosmpbf-dev package containing
  the C++ library.
* Added osmpbf-outline tool that shows internals of a PBF file for debugging.
* Added magic file that can recognize OSM PBF files.

I would like to thank Jochen Topf and Peter for their contributions.
For Java programs, such as osmosis, that do need use the history
format (osh.pbf), there is no need to upgrade.

The repository is at https://github.com/scrosby/OSM-binary


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