[OSM-dev] Licence of the Mapnik style?

Andrew Harvey andrew.harvey4 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 12 08:54:34 BST 2012

On 10/04/12 23:04, Paul Hartmann wrote:
> On 04/10/2012 02:28 PM, Sven Geggus wrote:
>> Hello altogether,
>> with the upcoming adoption of the ODBL for OSM data the licence of common
>> Mapnik styles will definitely get more important!
> I've started emailing the authors some time ago. The main contributors
> (Steve Chilton and Lennard) would license their work under the terms of
> CC0. So do the following committers: artem, nick, spaetz, tomhughes. A
> few people I haven't contacted so far.
>> I strongly feel the need of a decent map style to be distributed under a
>> copyleft style licence (IMO Affero GPL would be best suited, but IANAL) to
>> make shure that any future enhancements will also be freely available.
> Copyleft vs. PD is a religious debate, so it's not much use to argue
> here. Let me just point out, that I've started the licensing in order to
> ship a Mapnik style[1] with JOSM, which won't be possible with AGPL.

The license affects anyone who is using the current OSM Mapnik style
(for instance anyone who runs their own tileserver using the OSM Mapnik
style). I'm affected too and would much rather a license being in place
so I can be legally confident that I host tiles styled with the OSM
Mapnik stylesheet.

My count gives the following number of svn commits by user.

    229 stevechilton - CC0
    171 ldp- CC0
    159 jonb
     56 joerg
     24 artem - CC0
     18 tomhughes - CC0
     18 gramzon
     12 jochen
     11 steve
      9 springmeyer
      8 frederik
      6 nick - CC0
      5 zverik
      5 rodo
      4 apmon
      3 spaetz - CC0
      2 mazdermind
      2 martinvoosterhout
      2 ksharp
      2 edgemaster
      2 crschmidt
      1 yellowbkpk
      1 twain
      1 tobwen
      1 stevehill
      1 schuetzm
      1 jmckerrell
      1 isortega
      1 hind
      1 daviddean
      1 cmarqu
      1 andystreet
      1 aharvey - CC0

For reference I've marked the contributors Paul mentions are happy to
release under CC0. Perhaps the rest can decide on which license(s) they
are happy to release under?

I've made a minor commit to the stylesheet myself
which I license CC0 (which means you can include it under any other
license you choose).

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