[OSM-dev] GSoC Projects Announcement

Graham Jones grahamjones139 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 23 23:04:07 BST 2012

Hi All,  [sorry for posting to both dev and talk, but I thought that this
may be of wider interest]

I am very pleased to announce that the projects selected for this year's
Google Summer of Code have been announced.

This year OSM received a record 28 good proposal applications for the 6
student places that we were given.   This meant that we had some very
difficult decisions to make and some students who made very good proposals
had to be turned down.   Although this will obviously be disappointing for
those whose projects have not been selected, I hope that they will be able
to contribute to the project in their spare time.

I would like to thank all the community members who have helped to review
the proposals and choose the 6 projects to be part of this year's programme
with OSM - their reviewing of the proposals was essential to helping us
make the right choices.

The selected OSM projects are:

   - Anomaly Detection Engine (Velkei Adam Istvan) [Mentored by Derick
   - Improved Support for non-Latin Languates in mapnik (Hermann Krauss)
   [Mentored by Dane Springmayer]
   - Improvements to Vespucci (Jan Schejbal) [Mentored by Marcus Wolschon]
   - OSM Widget Creator ( Aleksandra Milanovic) [Mentored by Kate Chapman]
   - Tile Data Service (Michael Daines) [Mentored by  Darafei Praliaskouski
   - Video Based Speed Limit and Road Sign Detector plugin for JSOM (Nikhil
   Upadhye) [Mentored By Kai Krueger]

We will be asking the students to set up pages on the OSM wiki, and post
regular updates to the osm-dev mailing list so you will be able to see how
they are getting on.

I would like to wish he students and their mentors good look with their



Graham Jones
Hartlepool, UK.
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