[OSM-dev] Announcing openstreetmap-carto v1.0 (and v2.0!)

Tom MacWright tom at macwright.org
Thu Dec 6 14:56:59 GMT 2012

Hey Andy,

This is really awesome - the Carto looks super-clean and hackable for new
coders. Can't wait to see this be used to tackle a lot of the ongoing
requests as well as just subtle design improvements.

Nice work!

On Thu, Dec 6, 2012 at 6:21 AM, Paweł Paprota <ppawel at fastmail.fm> wrote:

> Hi Andy,
> > openstreetmap-carto is a project to re-implement the standard
> > OpenStreetMap mapnik style, in CartoCSS[1]. At the OpenStreetMap Hack
> > Weekend in London last Sunday I released v1.0 of project, and went to
> > the pub before telling anyone!
> This is an amazing effort. For a couple of weeks now I've been wanting to
> set up a local environment to see this new style and then maybe set
> something up on the dev server so you can show it off to a larger audience.
> Hopefully I will finally get some time soon for this.
> Keep up the great work!
> Paweł
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