[OSM-dev] iD alpha0

Tom MacWright tom at macwright.org
Fri Dec 21 23:24:54 GMT 2012

Hey all,

Happy to announce that early tomorrow we're tagging an alpha0 release of iD
for testing & development: http://mapbox.com/osmdev/2012/12/22/alpha0/

As you all know, creating an editor is a very big effort and there's still
a long way to go. What this mostly means is that we're happy with this set
of features being good for an alpha release series, working on stability,
and then adding a lot of great stuff (powerful presets) when we enter beta.

On a technical level, it also means that development is shifting from our
intense-but-enjoyable regime of working in the master branch to working in
feature and bugfix branches and trying to keep master in a
continually-improving state. And that we are, as much as ever, excited for
any new contributors to join.

A big thanks to Saman, John, Alex, Richard, Martin and more for their work
towards this point.

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