[OSM-dev] Is YOUR code 64 bit proof?

Michael Bemmerl osm-talk at mx-server.de
Fri Dec 28 02:35:20 GMT 2012

Frederik Ramm schrieb:
>    another 62 million nodes and we'll have IDs of more than 2^31-1 which
> means than software using a simple, 32-bit, signed integer will not be
> able to process the data any longer.

This will be around the beginning of February 2013, so we'll have one
more month to fix the code.

> I've commited to SVN a couple of files with large node IDs so that you
> can quickly check your own programs or those you're using:

I've added a sample output of Srtm2Osm with 64 bit ID's. This can be
used to test contours renderers.


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