[OSM-dev] What can we do to get a tile.openstreetmap.org contributable CDN within a month?

Stefan de Konink stefan at konink.de
Tue Jan 3 18:15:40 GMT 2012

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Op 03-01-12 09:21, Philipp Borgers schreef:
> We can provide rack space and bandwidth for at least one server
> here in Berlin. We also have some servers we can contribute to the
> project but they are not that powerful.

I hope you can put your offer on the Wiki;

A real real CDN just requires local bandwidth, a harddrive and a
static webserver. It is therefore interesting to offer 'local' end
nodes there were traffic is free due to peering, for example.

> The major problem are low zoom level tiles which are rendered
> adhoc. We can't solve this problem with tile caches as far as I
> know. Should every node in the CDN be able to render tiles?

No, the CDN nodes will al be static. Some intelligent behaviour is
envisioned for tiles that are not rendered.

> Is there some kind of global render cluster where caching nodes
> connect to?

The other way around, nodes receive updates, push based.

> How do we keep the data/database for rendering in sync?

Like every other tile server does. And maintaining central information
on last updates per participant in the CDN.

> Do we offer different tile styles?

First things first: the default map style.

> Is CDN usage free of charge?

Yes, obviously. I envision that something can be done using the
attribution text to present a status/powered by notification.

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