[OSM-dev] multipolygon inherits from tags way that are neither inner nor outer

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Mon Jan 16 18:57:23 GMT 2012


On 01/16/2012 06:35 PM, Martin Koppenhoefer wrote:
> With the boundary and admin_level tags on the relation now the member
> tagged as "admin_centre" gets interpreted as "inner"-way (the
> administrative boundary is also drawn around the building), but no
> building tag is inherited anymore on the multipolygon.

This is what I would have expected. At least any code that I have 
written will completely disregard outer/inner tags and instead find out 
for itself whether something is outer or inner.

Adding anything other than rings of a polygon to a multipolygon relation 
is not supported.

I know the practice of adding "admin centre" nodes or so but I don't 
think it makes sense. If you really want to model this right then you 
need to do:

(relation 1) is a type=whatever that represents the country

(relation 2) is a type=boundary or multipolygon that represents the 
country's border or land and is member of r1 in role "border"

(node/way 3) represents the admin center and is member of r1 in role 

Countries have admin centres, and countries have boundaries - not 
"boundaries have admin centres", and neither "countries are boundaries".


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