[OSM-dev] multipolygon inherits from tags way that are neither inner nor outer

Pieren pieren3 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 16 23:00:34 GMT 2012

For a relation of type "boundary", it make sense to link the
administrative boundary with its administrative centre. This is more
elegant than creating 2 relations just because some countries decided
to use the same relation type for administrative boundaries and
multipolygons (and yes, "countries are boundaries"). Or more elegant
than tagging the centre as "capital=WhatEverYouLike" just because some
apps find easier to interpret tagged nodes/ways than relations roles.
I also don't understand why the "roles" would be ignored in
multipolygon relations. Then why JOSM is complaining when the role is
undefined, although the wiki says the opposite.
And I don't understand why this discussion is happening on the dev list.


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