[OSM-dev] [GSoC] Improvements to Vespucci

Jan Schejbal jan.mailinglisten at googlemail.com
Fri Jul 13 05:23:04 BST 2012

Am 2012-07-12 22:43, schrieb Graham Jones:
> Hi Jan,
> This is looking very good - much more intuitive than the original interface
> where you had to press the menu key, and nice easy access to the
> upload/download feature, which gets used a lot.


> A couple of comments that I think would improve it more:
>    - It is not obvious to me that the little triangle in the menu bar means
>    that it is a drop down menu - the triangle is a long way away from the
>    'Move' text etc., which makes it look like a separate icon rather than
>    being linked to that text.

This is a default thing caused by using the ActionBar interface. I am
working on a workaround, but it seems quite difficult. I have an ugly
hack, but am looking for a clean solution. I'll either try to create a
separate background color for the dropdown, or at least right-aligning
the view.

>    - Do we have to have a separate 'Edit' and 'Edit Tags' mode?   I spent a
>    little while with it in 'Edit' mode wondering why clicking on a way did not
>    bring up a tag editing dialog - would it be possible to make a long click
>    bring up the tag editor, and a short drag move the node?

This corresponds to the original modes that were present before I
started with my project. The EasyEdit mode which I created provides such
a combined mode as you suggest: tap-and-drag moves a node, double-tap
opens the tag editor. The first tap is needed as otherwise it would be
nearly impossible to scroll the map in densely-populated areas as soon
as you zoom out (every pixel is in the edit radius of a node then).

I would suggest to either keep the edit/edit tags modes as they are (for
users who want to tag/move without the additional tap) or just remove them.

>    - Actually, now I wonder what the 'move' mode is now - we seem to have
>    three modes that are about editing existing entities - Move, Edit and Edit
>    Tags - simplifying this would really help.

I think "move" means "move/scroll the map view without changing
anything". We could rename this to "read-only" or something similar.

Kind regards,

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