[OSM-dev] [GSoC] Improvements to Vespucci

Jan Schejbal jan.mailinglisten at googlemail.com
Wed Jul 25 13:44:59 BST 2012

Am 2012-07-25 07:20, schrieb Graham Jones:
> The UI looks very similar to your previous version, where you have a menu
> at the top to select move/edit/edit tags modes.
> Does 'Easy Edit' mode need to be selected somehow?

Yes. The new UI comes into play when you select a node or way in
EasyEdit mode. It should then show an action mode with options like tag,
delete, history, split, merge/join (or a subset, depending on the
selected element). History will be shown iff the element has a positive
OsmID (i.e. is already uploaded to the server), Split will be shown on
ways with >2 nodes, and Join will be shown only if a way is selected
that can be merged (i.e. there has to be a second way sharing end nodes
and either both need to have the same tags, or one of them must not have
any tags).

> Your tag editing dialog has a "Okay" and a "Revert" button.   Is 'Revert'
> the same as 'Cancel' on other UIs (ie close the dialog without saving
> changes), or does 'Revert' do something else?

It restores the tags to what they were when the dialog was opened, but
keeps the dialog open.

Kind regards,

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