[OSM-dev] Nested relations and generic implementation of geometry constructs - Was :osm2pgsql patch for nested relations

sly (sylvain letuffe) liste at letuffe.org
Mon Mar 5 11:14:18 GMT 2012

> type=boundary is much the same as type=multipolygon. I have always argued
> that only type=multipolygon should be used for boundary=administrative. One
> down. 

I do agree with you on the fact that boundaries "could" or "should" be tagged 
as type=multipolygon, but that is not the case in the database. More than 
that, there are members with role=subarea in it making them no more a 
geometry valid as defined by type=multipolygon

> > type=waterway  --> build-graph special to handle the main stream and the
> > side  streams to build a graph and not a linestring (special handling at
> > GIS side  because it doesn't exist as valid WKT)
> Never heard of those. There are only about 3500 cases in the database and no
> documentation in the wiki. Another one down.

wiki page is here : 

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