[OSM-dev] producing historical snapshots for an area

Peter Körner osm-lists at mazdermind.de
Tue Mar 6 15:43:25 GMT 2012

Am 04.02.2012 17:35, schrieb Martijn van Exel:
> Hi,
> I want to create historical snapshots of small (county-sized) areas
> from the full history planet for analysis purposes. Say, one file for
> every three months since 2007. My current approach is to first create
> the full planet snapshots from the full history planet using osmium,

Which tool are you using for this?

> and then creating the smaller files from that using osmhistorysplitter
> (I'm thinking of using the hierarchical splitting feature to first
> create state-sized files and county-sized files from that).
> But: how hard would it be to adapt osmhistorysplitter to do this all
> in one go? Or maybe there already is a smarter way to do this that I
> don't know about. My C++ skills are all but nonexistant, but I'm not
> afraid of python and only a little of perl.

It's of course possible to do that in C++ but I tend to use a higher 
level programming language for those not-so-critical tasks. You may take 
a look at split-all-clipbounds.py, which is a script that takes all 
clipbounds from the clipbounds folder ans tries to sort them in order to 
call the splitter and generate extracts in a hierarchical manner.



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