[OSM-dev] Info request on: additional GIS layers

Andre Joost andre+joost at nurfuerspam.de
Wed Mar 7 07:37:16 GMT 2012

Am 07.03.12 07:58, schrieb Tomas Straupis:

>    The part of creating separate layers (say with mapnik) and
> presenting them (say with openlayers) is clear. Uncertain part (for
> me) is just the database part because I only have a general
> understanding of what would be required (I guess database and
> "something" which gives API to access that database from JOSM/Mapnik
> etc.).

Another question is how they keep their basic database in sync with ours?
If someone in OSM moves a node because he was there with his GPS unit, 
or a new street/house/something is build, the two databases get 
out-of-sync. So someone has to overlook every change in OSM, and decide 
if it was a beginners error or not.

A lot of our POIs are placed in our database according to our street 
ways. If we throw away our streets and import theirs, the POIs are 

I am sure the governmental GIS has more place-accurate data, but 
probably out-of-date at some places.

>    Therefore my question is: where can I get more information about
> creating "own" database/api and setting up all infrastructure around
> it (f.e. authorisation, editors etc.). Or if there is any other
> approach of achieving this goal of "GIS layers"?

I think
is what you are looking for.

Apart form that, Mapnik can render data from different databases, and 
shapefiles and other sources:
     shape : ESRI shapefile
     postgis : Postgis table or query
     raster : Tiled or stripped TIFF
     gdal : GDAL supported raster dataset
     ogr : OGR supported vector datasource
     osm : Open Street Map

Or they can use the UMN Mapserver to combine Data from several sources.

Andre Joost

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