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Richard Ive richard.ive at metafour.com
Sun Mar 25 00:31:45 GMT 2012

Goodness, I got so excited I didn't mention how to use it!

http://postcode.nodester.com/ is the test page. (There's an input box
bottom right).

If you want raw JSON use:



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Hey Community,

I'm not sure this is the right section, but I'm going to assume it is so
i'm just going to let all the development people here know about a tool
I've been creating. It's a UK postcode geocoder.

I've created this using NodeJS. I set myself a goal of learning NodeJS,
then deploying the project completely free of charge. Some how I've
achieved it which I'm quite proud of seeing as the postcode database is
about 1.7 million records and 400mb on disk. I do have the great guys at
http://nodester.com to thank for the free NodeJS hosting, and the guys at
http://dotcloud.com for their mongodb free hosting too.

It's still work in progress, I also know there are tools out there that do
the same thing. However, feel free to try it, criticise it or just make any
general suggestions :) In the future I want to add features such as
locating other postcodes within an X radius of a searched postcode. I'll
also make a distance calculator between two postcodes.



p.s sorry if i'm in the wrong list.

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