[OSM-dev] Review of proposed spanish castrade import (Avila.osm)

Jaime Crespo jynus at jynus.com
Sun Mar 25 10:40:05 BST 2012

As part of that "local community" I am not yet satisfied with current
results, and of course they cannot and will not uploaded as such.

Please, Frederik do not claim things we have not said. What we did say is
that we had a tool to transform data into .osm format (not an import tool)
under heavy development and we just wanted broader audience (even help!)
into the discussion.

Feedback from editor developers and backend sysadmins, among other
experienced osmers, is more than welcome.

Also, and that is part of my opinion, it was said that tools should serve
the data, and not the other way round. As the tool to transform data has
been developed, also an idea for a non-general purpouse editor has been
discussed and some people may be ready to work part-time on it as a R&D
Jaime Crespo
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