[OSM-dev] [OSM-talk] Map key on osm.org

Peter Wendorff wendorff at uni-paderborn.de
Thu Mar 22 14:45:37 GMT 2012

Preface: I'll copy this mail to the dev at openstreetmap.org list, too, so 
please restrict to one list when answering; but I think, this mail deals 
with dev-issues, too and parts of the discussion might progress better 
on dev.

I don't see the English descriptions, so I hope to guess the right keys 
for you.
Most issues I list here are missing or obsolete items. Errors (where the 
map key and the map differ) are marked as ERROR! if you only want to 
deal with these.
German descriptions in paratheses.
I checked everything up to zoom level 10, afterwards it's difficult as 
both, map and key get more crowded. So in higher zoom levels I restrict 
to errors and issues I see by accident.

Btw: What about generating the map key from the stylesheet 
automatically? Is there any ongoing work on that?

level 0: renders only land and water, but map key contains motorway 
(Autobahn), trunk (Schnellstraße) and Country? These are not shown up to 
level 4. borders (Landesgrenzen, sonstige Grenzen)
level 1: similar to 0, borders are shown, the other two are "obsolete" 
in the map key
level 2, 3: missing key for Country labels
level 4: no differentiation between the two, but different border types 
(countries vs. states)
level 5: missing key for Capitals
level 6: glaciers are missing (but quite prominent e.g. in the Alps). 
Meaning of the city label changes (compared to lvl5): includes 
additional big cities.
level 7: national parks are missing, but rendered (light green)
level 8: map shows forests/woods (very prominent), but that's not in the 
map key
level 9: missing key for agricultural landuse (Landwirtschaft in level 
10), but prominent in many areas. Rivers missing
level 10: Motorway key should contain the shield (as common in 
"commercial" maps), Airports are missing, restricted areas are missing 
(the red, diagonal striped areas)
level 11: trunks and primary roads are rendered with shields in the map, 
should be reflected in the map key; motorway links are rendered as small 
numbers, but not in the map key. Peaks are missing in the map key; 
nature reserve(?) (rendered as small green NR "icons" on areas) is 
missing in the map key
level 13: tertiary is missing in the map key

well... on a deeper look the "error" I saw is no error (secondary and 
tertiary are similar, and I interpreted the secondary map key for a 
street that was a tertiary in the map, while in that area no secondary 
is present).

Nevertheless: Anything that counts against generating the map key in 
general out of the stylesheet?
If that would be possible, we could additionally support the 
opencyclemap, public transport map (afaik both rendered with mapnik, 
too) and probably even Mapquest, if they support this.

Is there any development on 
http://svn.openstreetmap.org/applications/rendering/mapnik/legend.py ?
Probably that is a good starting point for automatic generation of the 
map key?


Am 22.03.2012 14:42, schrieb Steve Chilton:
> I produced the images (ages ago).
> If there are anomalies in the colours or symbols please let me know as I can change them.
> They are deliberately a subset of all the possible entities that could be included.
> Cheers
> Steve
> Steve Chilton, Learning Support Fellow
> Educational Development Manager
> Centre for Learning and Teaching Enhancement
> Middlesex University
> phone: 020 8411 5355
> email: steve8 at mdx.ac.uk
> Profile: http://www.middlesex.wikispaces.net/user/view/steve8
> Chair of the Society of Cartographers: http://www.soc.org.uk/
> Chair of ICA Neocartography Commission: http://www.soc.org.uk/neocartography/
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> From: Tom Hughes [mailto:tom at compton.nu]
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> To: Peter Wendorff
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> On 22/03/12 13:23, Peter Wendorff wrote:
>> How is the map key (german: Legende) generated on osm.org?
>> It looks like it is out of sync for the mapnik rendering (viewing from
>> Germany, description texts are in german).
>> - some items are not matching between map key and map
>> - many items rendered in the map are not reflected in the map key
>> Has this e.g. to be generated for an updated mapnik stylesheet?
> It's completely manual - at some point somebody gave me a load of images
> and text and I build a key from them.
> Tom

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