[OSM-dev] StyleSheet Generator for OSM [GSoC'12]

Graham Jones grahamjones139 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 28 05:50:19 BST 2012

> >   In either case, how will you go about it?
> > Will it work on mapnik XML style sheets, or carto CSS ones.....or maybe
> the
> > CSS style used by KothicJS and others?
> If we take entries from users into database, then we can generate any
> type of file from database.
> XML or CSS by fetching all the variable values from the database.
I am not sure where the database idea comes into it - the xml style file is
very complicated - are you proposing to include all the parts of that in a
database to re-generate it?   Kompza also mentioned a tool to convert
between style types, which would be worth looking at.

> > Therefore one possibility may be to use tilemill as a
> > base for the project.
> Is it mean to do improvements in tilemil?

I haven't really thought about it, but thought that if you want a graphical
style editor, tilemill does a lot of that, so you might be able to build on
it rather than start from scratch.

> > The simplest step forward, which I think would be useful would be to
> extend
> > the use of entities in the existing XML stylesheet so that all of the
> styles
> > for drawing the various components are defined in a single place,
> separated
> > from the more complicated bits,
> > but I have not looked at how feasible this
> > is given the support for various zoom levels in the style sheet - it may
> not
> > be much simpler (but could maybe have a file for each zoom level?).
> Not got this point, Can you please elaborate it a bit more?
I think it is a bit simple for what you have in mind, but XML allows you to
define entities (~=named constants as far as I can tell).   Look at the
main OSM style - there is an inc/entities.xml.inc file that defines quite a
I was wondering about parameterising it so we have a single '.inc' file
that defines the road widths, casing widths, colours etc. in a simpler
looking file.   Again, I have not looked at how much simpler this would
make it, because it may be complicated by the number of different zoom
levels.   I guess you could do it for colours very easily, but road widths
could be harder.
Once you have got all of the information that a casual user is likely to
want to modify in a single, simpler looking file, it would be less daunting
for a non-technical user to update it.
There is not a lot of 'code' in this idea though, so it may not be a good
GSoC project on its own, unless it were linked to something else to make it
easier for users to make their own maps.

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Graham Jones
Hartlepool, UK.
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