[OSM-dev] OSM API Improvements work

Tom MacWright tom at macwright.org
Thu Oct 11 20:26:12 BST 2012

Hey dev,

Just posted the first few issues of the work that I can deem 'stuff that
we're doing as part of the Knight iniative'. They consist of API-related
tasks, some of which have had prior art but haven't been tested/completed
enough to ship. I'd like to get them done and shipped to make some
substantive improvement in the API.

The first three are:

* JSON formatting for API calls and GeoJSON for some of them. Basically
just making things friendly for Javascript and other JSON-era languages.
* Filtering the API endpoints, so that POI editors don't have to sift
through road data, and so on.
* A TagInfo-like API for 'commonly used tags'

( see on

There are a few more tasks to come - stuff like the possibility of an Oauth
2 client flow, a complete user API for stuff like user photos & stats. Some
of the tasks might not be necessary, some might be in need of technical
reframing (what should be done in cgimap instead?): if you've got
(constructive) input, please give it!

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