[OSM-dev] baseball cards, user stats and multiple accounts

Richard Weait richard at weait.com
Thu Sep 6 19:00:03 BST 2012

I've been interested in the statistical aspects of mapping for a
while, and in baseball cards for even longer than that.

You may have seen this before.  Hang on.  I've added something cool.

One question I come back to frequently is "If mappers had baseball
cards, what would they look like?"  Another is, "If you had mapper
baseball cards, who would you trade for whom? "  That is probably a
topic for another day.  :-)

For today, I've made some updates to my little mapper baseball card
project. I imaginatively call it "UserStat" because I am Just That
Good At Marketing.

So here is a basic mapper baseball card for "rw__".  Hey@  That's me!


Now, that won't win any design prizes, but I'm trying to keep the html
simple and sane so that a Read Designer can come along with some nice
css to make it really rock.

Here's something I didn't know.  I used Potlatch more than JOSM in
only one year.  Hmmm.  I would never have known without the stats and
little graphs.

That's cool, I guess, but I have another account as well, 'rw_'.
Again.  Note the awesome imaginative name.  Here's the card for that


There is something different to learn here.  I didn't use the account
for a couple of years.  And I hadn't used it with Potlatch at all.
That probably speaks to my browser settings in some way.

Here's something new.  What if you could get combined stats for all of
your specialty accounts?  What would all of that combined mapping look
like if it were a single mapper?  Let's find out.  Here are my three
accounts with combined statistics.


The code is all available in UserStat, the examples are from the
rearrange branch.  Hopefully I'll merge it shortly and move towards a
0.1 release.  You'll want ChangesetMD as well, as that builds the
database the UserStat relies upon.


My wishlist:
- mappers to think it's cool and ask for their stats.
- designers to take an interest in making it prettier.
- developers to patch and improve.
- ideas!  What are additional tools that mappers use and how can we
measure them?
- long range: make it all "webby and stuff" and let people serve themselves.

Best regards and happy mapping,

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