[OSM-dev] Accessing postgis on the dev server

Nick Whitelegg Nick.Whitelegg at solent.ac.uk
Mon Dec 9 11:17:27 UTC 2013

>> So I'm wondering whether we could, if enough people raise contributions, 
>> have an OSM "read only, hobbyist" server which could be used to host 
>> not-for-profit, open source (only) projects. it could be either global 
>> or just for the UK (or any other individual country). It could contain a 
>> copy of the OSM PostGIS database then developers could be free to host 
>> server side code which delivers that data in whatever format fits their 
>> own needs (GeoJSON, some binary vector format, or anything else). 

>You should keep in mind the dev server (errol), both for running 
>whatever you want to and when planning additional resources if you need 
>them. You can find information on the dev server at 

Hello Paul (or anyone else),

I've found I still have an account on the dev server.

However, how do I login to the postgres database?

I've tried the normal means of logging into the DB:

psql -U gis gis

and that doesn't work (failed authentication): do I need a password?

Also, is it ok if I import processed_p.shp coastlines (as SQL) and Ordnance Survey LandForm PANORAMA contours to the DB - or would that overload the server?

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