[OSM-dev] Reminder: Node 32-bit exhaustion

Dominik Perpeet dominik.perpeet at gmail.com
Fri Feb 8 22:02:04 GMT 2013

A while ago I announced that I have newly compiled windows versions of
osm2pgsql (Intel C++ Compiler XE 13.0, MS Visual Studio 2010). After my
last build someone added the no_fork option (thanks!) which made my life
easier. Compared to the master version,  I basically only needed to
remove the flat-nodes option due to file-sync issues. I guess it could
be made to work, but I didn't want to invest the time. Remember that
windows has no fork, therefore this binary version will run sequentially
All other build options should be at their default values.

I still haven't had the time to properly document what I did. Since
32bit seems to be a bit of an issue though, I've decided to share the
binaries anyway. You can get them at


I didn't have the time to properly test them, but I've used previous
builds for full planet imports and rendering maps with mapnik (as well
as some postgis queries for other things). The zip file includes 32 and
64 bit versions of 32 and 64 bit node id each (yes, four binaries). I've
included all dependencies as well as I could. Please mind the licenses!

Please test before using in any kind of production manner (seriously,
who wouldn't?). In my environment I've only really used non-slim and
in-memory modes with osm-planet, since I don't have access to a large
enough ssd space (ironically more ram than ssd).

If people are interested, I can share the entire chain: script to create
and prepare the postgis db, import planet and a small qt app to render
tiles using mapnik (2.0 currently)

Feedback and bug reports welcome. I will share the source and build
files soon.


my "release notes":
Compiled by Dominik Perpeet
Feb 06 2013

git rev af61cae663 Dec 17, 2012

no fork (not supported in windows)
no flatnodes support (node-persistent-cache)

64 bit node id: osm2pgsql.exe
32 bit node id: osm2pgsql_32bitId.exe

Please keep in mind licenses of all parts:

osm2pgsql (http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Osm2pgsql)

versions of libraries:
bzip2 1.0.6
geos 3.3.5
libxml 2.9.0
pgsql 9.2.1
proj 4.8.0
proto_buf_c 0.1.5 (2.4.1)
zlib 1.2.7

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