[OSM-dev] Reverts from the woodpeck_repair account

Paweł Paprota ppawel at fastmail.fm
Wed Jan 2 13:31:51 GMT 2013

Hi all,

Just by accident during my work on OWL I encountered couple of 
changesets done by the woodpeck_repair account that are reverting some 
automated changes which removed deprecated tags. For example:

which reverts

I am just curious what is the point of such revert? It seems to me that 
the original edit was good (replacing deprecated tags). Perhaps it was 
not discussed as the woodpeck_repair's comment suggests but still it 
does not merit a revert - or am I missing something?

For me such reverts just introduce unneeded clutter in the history 
database - thousands of new versions in the history. And the end result 
will be that this revert will then again be slowly reverted by 
individual mappers replacing deprecated tags...

Can someone (perhaps Frederik as the opreator of this bot?) explain what 
is the reasoning behind reverts like this?


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