[OSM-dev] Osmosis error - node not present in table "current_nodes" - no bbox

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Thu Jan 3 21:58:35 GMT 2013


On 03.01.2013 21:02, Jeff Meyer wrote:
> Most of what I can find about this on the intrawebs indicates that this
> is typically a bbox-related issue, but I haven't used any bboxes to
> create my planet-natural file. (see steps below)

It seems that you somehow managed to drop a node that is referenced by 

Try this:

osmosis --read-pbf planet-natural.pbf --tee 2 --write-pbf one.pbf --bb 
left=-180 right=180 top=90 bottom=-90 clipIncompleteEntities=true 
--write-pbf two.pbf

This will create two files which, if you have *no* dangling references, 
will be identical (and my hypothesis would then be wrong). If the files 
are not identical then the second will be minimally smaller, as objects 
in the second file that contained references to missing objects will 
have had those references deleted.

The second file will then be safe to import.

If the second file should turn out to be *much* smaller then it would 
make sense to make a diff (either write to xml and use unix diff, or use 
Osmosis --derive-changes) and find out what the problem is.

My hunch is that you encountered something like a node tagged 
natural=wood (there are 25k of them) which was also a member of 
something you wanted to keep, and then you dropped that node or so.


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