[OSM-dev] Wikipedia slippymap

Minh Nguyen mxn at 1ec5.org
Sat Jan 5 22:01:45 GMT 2013

On 2013-01-02 4:40 AM, Svavar Kjarrval wrote:
> Wikipedia has implemented a Slippymap using OpenLayers so I was
> wondering if the code/method is publically available? I'm interested in
> adding that functionality to osm.is since it will encourage people to
> use an OSM map rather than the other non-free maps available for
> Iceland. I also know that some of the people in the Icelandic Wikipedia
> would be interested since it will encourage people to check out articles
> on is.wikipedia.

Are you referring to the "Wikipedia-World" map originally developed for 
the German Wikipedia? [1][2] It makes use of [3][4] for generating the 
article layer and [5] for the WIWOSM [6] layer.

> Could you help me find the source code for both the OpenLayers layer and
> the server-side code which produces the coordinates of Wikipedia
> articles in a certain area? I guess Wikipedia wouldn't like me to use
> the resources of toolserver.org for it.

The Toolserver does allow accounts for OSM development [7], but it'll be 
phased out later this year in favor of Wikimedia Labs, which presumably 
won't support non-Wikimedia-related tools.

[1] http://toolserver.org/~kolossos/openlayers/kml-on-ol.php
[2] http://toolserver.org/~kolossos/openlayers/kml-on-ol-source.php
[3] http://toolserver.org/~kolossos/geoworld/marks.php
[4] http://toolserver.org/~kolossos/geoworld/marks-source.php
[5] http://toolserver.org/~master/osmjson/getGeoJSON.php
[6] http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/WIWOSM
[7] https://wiki.toolserver.org/view/Account_approval_policy/en

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