[OSM-dev] osm2pgsql and homebrew

Matt Patterson matt at reprocessed.org
Thu Jan 24 12:27:55 GMT 2013

Homebrew were packaging osm2pgsql, which was super handy.

They removed it just before Christmas, which was not at all handy. To be honest, their reasons were not stupid, as far as packager concerns go:

* No obvious stable release, leading to:
* not properly tested package script.

(see https://github.com/mxcl/homebrew/issues/14383 and https://github.com/mxcl/homebrew/commit/2602faf907f26346f39719e4c092a53401676f96)

I know Kai Kruger packages osm2pgsql for Ubuntu and therefore imposes 'stable' releases, at least as far as APT is concerned.

I've looked over some of the error reports people were sending in for osm2pgsql as part of homebrew and I'm pretty sure that the fix for those is simple - namely, that osm2pgsql either doesn't build with Clang, or its configure script doesn't think it does, and so the packaging script ('formula', if you're unfamiliar with homebrew) needs to declare a dependency on GCC-proper.

I will happily take on ensuring that osm2pgsql gets back into Homebrew if there's a sensible way of declaring 'stable' releases - i.e. piggy backing on Kai's work, a bi-weekly tarball uploaded to a known location with a sensible incrementing naming format, or even just a regularly updated 'release' tag in SVN or Git.

Anyway, I'd love to get this back into homebrew ASAP, especially since I'm using it on Macs quite a lot at the moment… 

Cheers, Matt

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  <matt at reprocessed.org> | http://www.reprocessed.org/

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