[OSM-dev] OpenSurveyor GSoC weekly report #3

Pavel Melnikov positron96 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 5 16:38:36 UTC 2013

Hello everyone. This is 3rd week report for OpenSurveyor project for

*Changes during this week:*
Class hierarchy for POIs and markers is defined and coded.
Application layout now works on every screen size, and on landscape tablets
it has a more suitable layout. Button size is correctly calculated at
Buttons are dynamically created from presets. Presets are hard-coded at the
moment. Buttons can be toggle-buttons (e.g. for bridge start and bridge
end). Support for POI properties is included, rigth now only *linear=start*and
*linear=end* properties are generated. Icon support for buttons is
included, but not suited for every screen size.
The app should work on Android 2.1 and upwards.
Data exchange format published here:
Survey XML could be used for other applications with similar purpose.
*Basically, the app can already be used to collect some data in the field.*
*Priority things to do next week:*
Add text marker button and voice record button.
Complete implementing GPS support.
Add a direction feature for buttons
Add a window for refined POI properties.
Proper session managing - save, resume, finish.

More detailed report (with screenshot) can be found here:
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