[OSM-dev] OpenSurveyor weekly report #4

Pavel Melnikov positron96 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 13 16:53:26 UTC 2013

This week's work was mostly dedicated to properties of POIs and presets
that define them.

*Done this week:*
Button presets are loaded from XML, format published here:
https://github.com/positron96/opensurveyor/wiki/Preset-XML-format, and POI
buttons are created from these presets.
Tweaked class structure to differentiate between POIs, Notes and, in
future, Audio notes and Photo notes.
Implemented property window for POI property editing. It expires
automatically if not interacted with in 5 secs.
Supported property types: text (produces a EditText in property edit
window), boolean (produces a CheckBox), choice (produces Spinner with
All of it works correctly, properties are saved into session and exported
into xml.

*Priority things to do next week (some from previous week):*
Add voice record button.
Complete implementing GPS support.
Add a direction feature for buttons
Proper session managing - save, resume, finish.

Spent a lot of time fighting android layout engine

Again, screenshot of current status available here:
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