[OSM-dev] OpenSurveyor weekly report #5

Pavel Melnikov positron96 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 20 15:34:07 UTC 2013

Hey everybody.

*Done this week:*
* polished GPS functionality (bugfix with float number format in xml;
correct handling of app pause/restore; UI has good-looking gps icons)
* Button presets are loaded automatically from assets folder. Different
presets are supported and can be switched on-the-fly from app menu. Added
prototype of pedestrian preset.
* Added Number type for properties (triggers soft numpad keyboard for
EditText). Sequence typed from xml is mapped to Number type in app for mow.
* polished UI, again (actionbar looks good in every possible variant)
* Bugfixes (Session object is now serializable correctly, so app is not
crashing when paused)

*Todo: *
* Audio recording,
* Photo recording
* After that, <external> tag should be implemented in XML export as well as
zip packaging.
* Share button in menu to upload that package somewhere.
* Support for session restoring (it means saving it when app stops)

I have much to learn in git. At least I do not yet fully understand the
results of the commands I issue, and about 10 commits were dedicated to
reverting one commit that deleted a lot of stuff. Could not do reset as I
did contain some useful changes as well.

Screenshots wil be posted a bit later on the same page,
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