[OSM-dev] GraphHopper Maps 0.1

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Tue Jul 23 19:26:04 UTC 2013


On 23.07.2013 09:22, Peter K wrote:
> yesterday we released the first public version of our fast and Open
> Source routing engine called GraphHopper.

I'd like to understand better where this fits in between the purely A* 
gosmore and the CH-based osrm.

With osrm, it is difficult to have multiple routing profiles on one 
machine because you have do compile a routing graph for each profile - a 
world-wide setup for "car, bike, foot" would take something like 150 GB 
of memory on the server.

With gosmore, this is easy since you only need one routing graph to 
support a multitude of profiles - not only car, bike, foot, but also 
motorcycle, HGV, and others. This flexibility comes at a noticeable 
speed penalty.

I read that I can run GraphHopper with or without CH. Does that mean 
that when I run it without, I get the gosmore-like flexibility to 
evaluate edges at runtime, or is the speed profile baked into the 
routing graph (and therefore your demo server needs something like 64 GB 
of RAM because it has three routing graphs)?


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