[OSM-dev] GraphHopper Maps 0.1

Kai Krueger kakrueger at gmail.com
Wed Jul 24 04:52:29 UTC 2013


this looks like an interesting addition to the set of routing engines
already available for OSM data.

I was curious to see how it compares in speed and quality of calculated
routes to the other engines, so I took the liberty to add it to

That page allows you to use all of the main routing engines (OSRM,
YOURS, Mapquest Open, Cloudmade and now Graphhopper) through a single
web interface and therefore allows to compare the calculated routes
quite easily and how they behave with the various OSM constructs and
tagging schema.

I hope adding it was OK with you. If not, then I will of cause remove it
again immediately. But given that that demo page produces pretty much no
traffic and graphhopper seems pretty fast, I thought it wouldn't cause
any issues.


On 07/23/2013 01:22 AM, Peter K wrote:
> Hi there,
> yesterday we released the first public version of our fast and Open
> Source routing engine called GraphHopper. This could be especially
> interesting for Java developers. You can also try our web application
> <http://graphhopper.com/maps/> with world wide coverage. See the full
> anouncement here.
> <https://karussell.wordpress.com/2013/07/22/graphhopper-maps-high-performance-and-customizable-routing-in-java/>
> Let me know if you encounter problems or if you have questions!
> Regards,
> Peter.

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