[OSM-dev] OSM GeoJSON Vector tile SERVER on NODEJS

Ander Pijoan ander.pijoan at deusto.es
Wed Jul 24 08:41:00 UTC 2013

Hi everyone,

Talking with some of the Akademy 2013 atendees last week in Bilbao, we
wanted to have a GeoJSON vector tile server to use it in Marble. So we
built one where tiles are *generated and server by NodeJS*.

I know that OpenStreetMap.us has some GeoJSON tiles but they are separated
in different layers (roads, buildings...). This server creates tiles with
all type of data (filtered by zoom levels) and if needed, anyone can *change
the queries to PostGIS* to extract whatever it wants ( *
* ).

Currently tiles are generated once and then by specifing Node's public
folder, users can access them directly.


So for creating the tiles there are some GET methods:





An improvement could be to add a route ( /tiles/:z/:x/:y.json ) to get when
someone asked for a tile and if it doesn't exist, generate and return it.

Here's a *demo* with our local OSM data server on top of OSM Layer:


The code can be found in *github* (
https://github.com/AnderPijoan/vectorosm) and if anyone thinks
something can be improved you're welcome to send
*feedback* =)


Ander Pijoan Lamas
Research Assistant, Deustotech
Computer Science Engineer
University of Deusto

E-mail: ander.pijoan at deusto.es
Phone: +34 664471228
in: http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=162888312
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