[OSM-dev] OSM GeoJSON Vector tile SERVER on NODEJS

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed Jul 24 13:54:46 UTC 2013


On 07/24/13 13:14, Ander Pijoan wrote:
> I'm not really sure how tirex works. Furthermore I don't know the
> integration would be,  because if you take out the generation and tile
> serving from this server you just have a HTTP route handler.

mod_tile would receive a request, check if a tile is already on disk, if 
it is, deliver it, if it is not, hand over to tirex; tirex would add the 
tile creation request to a queue, and call your engine to produce the 
tile, making sure that to too many requests are executed at once and 
prioritising them nicely (so you could e.g. afford a high priority to 
live requests from users, and a lower priority for background refresh 

The actual creation of the tile would still be done by your code, 
mod_tile and tirex would just make sure that you don't have to bother 
with managing your disk cache, render queues, priorities and all that.


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