[OSM-dev] Coastline changes Antarctica

Peter Wendorff wendorff at uni-paderborn.de
Tue Mar 12 09:35:38 UTC 2013

I'm not sure if it works, but I think it might be the better solution to 
have land flooded on the maps than to have water becoming deserts.
On land we might have data which makes errors visually obvious: There 
are streets in the sea - something has to be wrong.
At the ocean we don't have, but in deserts etc. it's the same: There is 
empty land - there might not yet be data here, or there's desert and 
really more or less nothing to see.

Sure: flooded land does not look very well, but I guess it's found and 
fixed faster than water that's rendered as land.


Am 12.03.2013 10:20, schrieb Tom Hughes:
> On 12/03/13 09:17, Jochen Topf wrote:
>> On Tue, Mar 12, 2013 at 09:12:39AM +0000, Tom Hughes wrote:
>>> Interesting - that change was Andy's idea and I think the thought
>>> was to reduce the damage done by any breakage and to ensure that
>>> we're not matching any massive polygons in the busy (land) areas.
>> OSMCoastline first generates the land polygons, them splits them, then
>> creates the water polygons as inverse from the lang polygons. If the
>> land polygons are broken, so are the water polygons. So I don't think
>> you can reduce the chance of breakage that way.
> Sure, but the point was to fail to the land background colour not the 
> sea so that you don't get "flooding" of the land.
> Don't know if it actually works like that but I think that was the idea.
> Tom

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