[OSM-dev] query about GSoC

Ashish Singh aitashish173 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 30 11:16:53 UTC 2013

hey everyone,

I have been following google summer of code for some time now i am looking
for possible ideas to contribute to opensource.

I know that openstreetmap has been participating in GSoC for last 4 years
now, I like openstreetmap a lot and the core technology that is behind it
as mapping services have a great impact on our lives and it continue to do
so in many forms.

I was going though the wiki of OSM GSoC page
It was useful in many ways i came to know about the projects that were
selected in past years.

I want to contribute to openstreetmap I did't find a list of ideas for GSoC
2013 how should i proceed from here.

So if anyone from the openstreetmap community has any idea which they think
can be a possible GSoC idea and they want students interested in those
projects please suggest me some ideas. I want to contribute but don't know
from where to start i seek guidance from this community.

thanks in advance.

ashish singh
pune, india
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