[OSM-dev] PostGIS talks and training at European PostgreSQL Conference

Greg Stark stark at mit.edu
Sat Oct 19 13:04:21 UTC 2013

Hi all,

There's a talk and a training class at the European PostgreSQL
Conference, PGConf.EU, that might be of interest to the OSM crowd.

There's an intensive half-day training session on PostGIS:

  PostgreSQL & PostGIS

  Using PostGIS with PostgreSQL, covering from introductory to
examples advanced usage.
  Topics include data loading, mapping with QuantumGIS and using GIST
and SP-GIST to improve performance.


And one of the regular talks is also on PostGIS:

  Going spatial with PostGIS and more

  PostgreSQL comes built-in with a variety of indexes, some of which
are further extensible to build powerful new indexing schemes.
  But what are all these index types? What are some of the special
features of these indexes? What are the size & performance tradeoffs?
  How do I know which ones are appropriate for my application?

  Fortunately, this talk aims to answer all of these questions as we
explore the whole family of PostgreSQL indexes:
  B-tree, expression, GiST (of all flavors), GIN and how they are used
in theory and practice.


The conference is on in Dublin, Ireland October 29-Nov 1st at the 5*
Conrad Hilton hotel in the city centre. Oct 29th is all training and
the talks are three days Oct 30-Nov 1. The price for the three days of
talks is 160 Euro (or 130 Euro if you're attending any of the training
classes which cost extra).

The conference web site is 2013.pgconf.eu and you can see the list of
other sessions and registration information there.

I hope this isn't too spammy. I've actually been on the OSM lists for
a long time and have done a moderate amount of mapping myself in the
past around Oxford and the Cotswolds so hopefully I'm not too much of
an outsider. Personally I would love to see some other OSM people and
find out more about how Postgres is used with the OSM data and what
problems you've run into. This is the main European Postgres
conference so there will be many of the European Postgres devs there
and even a good number from the US. We haven't heard much in the past
from OSM database users and I'm sure there are some interesting
stories to tell.


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